Texas Criminal Defense

A Legal Services Subscription Plan For Defendants

Is your loved one or friend in the Harris County jail? Are they unable to make bail? Are you out on bail? Provide support to your loved one with PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC’s Texas criminal defense plan. An assigned criminal defense attorney will represent defendants for no additional cost, with representation covered from arrest through appellate work and other post-conviction matters.

Terms of Legal Services

Our $300/Month Legal Subscription Criminal Defense Plan Covers:

  • Family or Friends with persons in Harris County jail

  • Applies to Criminal Defense cases only

  • All cases per Defendant

  • Consultation, Trial, Post-conviction

*Persons paying monthly subscription fees on behalf of defendants do not waive attorney-client confidentiality. Defendants' written consent is required before disclosures.

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Types of Cases We Cover

At PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC, we believe in providing affordable criminal defense for clients who are awaiting trial in local jails and are unable to bond out. Our easy-to-use subscription platform allows family members and friends of detainees to obtain affordable legal services to provide their loved ones with an experienced criminal defense attorney to help them through their legal matters. Types of cases we cover include:

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We defend all stages of criminal cases for our clients. From arrest to appeal.

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Before a person is found to have committed a crime with proof beyond a reasonable doubt, the defendant must have the mental requirement as well as have committed the action according to the Texas Penal Code.

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Our Texas Criminal Defense Legal Services

Everyone should have the right to a criminal defense attorney. PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC, provides an affordable solution to get your loved ones the legal services they need to navigate the charges they are facing. For only $300/month to our legal subscription service, our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys can help with a wide variety of cases, provide expertise in Texas law, and provide representation to clients in the Harris County jail.

Terms of Legal Services

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24/7 Legal Services & Attorney Access

PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC, believes that communication and access are key to navigation through the Texas legal system. Our innovative, affordable, subscription-based services, provide family members and friends with the opportunity to provide legal support to their loved ones detained in the Harris County jail who cannot afford bail. From simple to complex situations, our team of criminal defense attorneys is able to support clients through every stage, addressing their individual needs.

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Once subscription sign-up is complete, an attorney will be assigned, a client file will be created, and the assigned attorney will contact the client within 12 to 24 hours depending on the time of day or night the subscription sign up is complete.