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At PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC, our legal services subscription plan is perfect for existing employees and new hires during open enrollment periods. Our plans cover a wide scope of legal issues and provide 24/7 access to legal advice and services from PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC, so that employees can get the help they need when they need it most. Employees want to make cost effective decisions with maximum impact during open enrollment. Legal decisions comprise much of employees’ wellness decisions. We want to be part of your health and wellness packages presented to employees.

We want to connect with you and demonstrate how our Texas Law Firm is the employees’ choice for legal subscription services. An employee can get advice from a dedicated attorney from PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC on issues that affect an employee’s daily life, such as new home buys, car purchases, reviewing hospital contracts, estate planning matters, legal disputes, and much more.


Our $55/Month Plan Covers:

  • Legal support for all issues

  • Practical legal guidance for employees and members of their household

  • Convenient online portal for account access

Our plan is employee focused. Many subscription plans only provide access to other law firms. Yet, PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC is a Texas law firm with its own network of attorneys who want to extend premium legal services to employees without breaking the bank.


How We Work

We can handle endless, volumes of employees with our lean systems. Employees’ accounts are setup on our MyCase client portal. Employees can send their dedicated attorney a message anytime and their attorney will schedule meeting times either by Zoom or in person. Employees will have the same legal experience as with any traditional attorney except without the hassle of high legal costs.

Employee Benefits

Unlike other legal subscription providers, PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC does not require an additional attorney fee. There are no co-pays and our attorneys will not demand future out-of-pocket attorney fees, discounted or otherwise. Our attorney fee is only $55 per month no questions asked! All household members who are spouses and dependents are eligible for coverage under the plan.

Connect Employees With Texas' Trusted Lawyers

Companies, big or small, should be providing their workforce with the best possible resources. At PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC, we understand that your employees are your most valuable asset. That’s why we offer our legal services to companies throughout Texas. Our $55/month subscription plan is the perfect way to provide your employees with the legal support they need. Work with us today.


Our Texas Legal Services

PleadWrite™ Attorneys, PLLC was created to provide affordable access to quality legal services. We offer a variety of subscription plans that start at only $55 a month, and cover a wide range of legal issues.

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